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Generation Four Engitech Ltd. has dedicated staff that always aims to provide technical support to the customers so that they run their plant or system smoothly and efficiently. We understand the technical difficulties of the customers, so we always try to give them solution in layman language so that the boiler operator can understand it too.

Our technical assistance comprise of the following points:

  • Start up procedure of thermic fluid heater
  • Shutdown procedure
  • Cause of high top up
  • What to do in emergency
  • Safety precautions
  • Fuel burning method

This comprehensive program facilitates with system design recommendations, startup assistance, sample analysis flush & refills fluids.


Technical Support (Multi Tiered Technical Support)

Our technical support services are divided into three tiers in order to serve better to our huge clientele base.


  1. This is initial support level responsible for basic customer issues.
    2. It starts with determining the customer’s issue by analyzing the sample.
    3. Once identification of the underlying problem is done: the specialist begins sorting through the possible solutions available.


  1. More in depth technical support level
    2. Administrative level support.
    3. Include onsite inspection of system design & networking.
    4. Compatibility related issues in case of Top-ups on other fluids.


  1. Maximum level of technical support to every customer.
    2. Back end support for handling the most difficult or advanced problem.


Technical Service

Our skilled technician are always ready to solve the queries of the customers regarding heat transfer fluid selection, system start-ups, system design, and operational issues. For any enquiry one can call us on 91-9214048657
or contact us at: en@hitechsolution.co.in


Plant Visit & Inspection

If you are facing any problems related to thermic fluid or thermic fluid heater operation, feel free to contact us anytime. Our expert team will visit your plant for inspection and will provide the best guidance for the better performance of the same.