Hitech Therm Food 57

Hitech Therm Food 57 is a widely used product in the industries like Edible oil, Salt, Solvent, Extraction Plants, Dairy Product, Namkeen, Sweets, Dehydration, Dal Mills, Seed Dryers, Food Processing, Bakery Products, Pharma, Spices, Herbs, Restaurants, Distillery and many more. Also, it has been listed in the white book of NSF, USA as Food grade thermic fluid and can be used in thermopac boilers along with toxic thermic fluid to reduce its toxicity.


  • Sulphur Free Hydrocarbon Chain
  • Comparatively Less Carbon Residues.
  • High Thermal & Oxidation Stability.
  • More Stable Flash Point.
  • Very Safe In Incidental Food Contact.
  • Super Performance In Long Life.

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Product Description

Toxicity Status

Hitech Therm Food 57 will not only reduce the toxicity of your current running thermic fluid it will also increase the overall performance and life of your thermic fluid. We are fully integrated in production of Hitech Therm Food 57. Controlling quality at every step of the manufacturing process. Purity is preserved by dedicated pipes and tank. Careful labeling procedures, stringent handling and shipping of the product to guarantee quality.

Additional Information

Food Grade

NSF, USA certified



Kinetic Viscosity @ 40 deg C

27 cSt. (ASTM D445)

Flash Point

(ASTM D-92) 220° C / 448° F

Max Bulk Temperature

3200C / 6080F

Pour Point

-15° C / 5° F (ASTM D-97)

Boiling Point

355° C / 671° F. (ASTM D-1160)

Maximum Film Temperature

345° C / 653° F.

Density @ 25° C

0.85 (ISO 12185)

Auto Ignition Point

380° C / 716° F. (ASTM D-1160)


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