Hitech Therm 66

Hitech Therm 66 is most widely used ultra-high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid. The main area of its application is in polymerization, condensation, polyester, nylon and synthetic fiber processing

Benefits of using Hitech Therm 66

  • Effective production
  • Reduce breakdowns
  • Decreases maintenance time
  • Lower operating costs.

Performance :

  • Hitech therm 66 is thermally stable up to 345o C and film temperature upto 385o C with nitrogen blanketing.
  • Very Long Life
  • Fouling & Chocking Resistant
  • Protection from Low Boilers & High Boilers

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Additional Information


Light Yellow Liquid


Hydrogenated Terphenyl

Moisture Content

45 mg/kg

Flash Point


Autoignition Temperature

374 °C

Pour Point

-24 °C

Density @ 25° C

1012 kg/m3

Total Acid No.

0.01 mg KOH/g

Kinetic Viscosity @ 40 deg C

29.8 mm2 /s

Carbon Residue


Kinematic viscosity @ 100C

3.9 mm2 /s

Average Molecular Weight


Coefficient of Thermal exp. (200 C)/ C


Pump ability / C 2000

-3 mm3 /s

Pump ability / C 300

11 mm3 /s

Pseudo critical temperature

569 °C

Pseudo critical Pressure

24 bar

Pseudo critical Density

317 kg/m3

Operating temperature Range

-3 to 345 °C

Maximum Operating temperature

345 °C


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