Hitech Therm 60

Hitech Therm 60 is a silicon green 100% synthetic thermic fluid which is mainly used for transferring heat from one part of process to another in big manufacturing units and plants.

• Providing wide range of operation -20° C to 320° C.
• Long Life.
• Non Fouling.
• Superb Low Temperature Pump ability.
• Compatibility with almost all minerals & synthetic fluids.

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Product Description

Delivering Features

S.No. Test description Test method Result
1 Rating of copper rod As per Cincinnati Milacron scale 2
2 Weight of sludge deposite oncopper rod, mg weighing
3 Metal loss on copper rod weighing
4 Rating of steel rod As per Cincinnati Milacron scale 2
5 Weight of lacquer deposit on steel rod, mg weighing 0.2
6 Metal loss on steel rod, mg weighing
7 Total sludge,mg/ 100 ml IS1448 (p:41) nil

How It Work

Silicone Green Synthetic Thermic Fluid.
When heated after a certain period of time: carbon particles are formed.
But the silicone additives make a layer on these carbon particles and prevent their sticking. So carbon keeps on flowing without getting stagnancy.


We recommend the use of Hi Tech Therm 60 with other Mineral and synthetic oil but for enhanced performance, we also advise you to contact the team of technicians at Hi-Tech Solutions.

Additional Information


Mixture of Synthetic Fluid


Silicon Green Liquid

Kinetic Viscosity @ 40 deg C

20 csT

Flash Point

(ASTM D-92) 205° C / 401° F

Max Bulk Temperature

3200C / 6080F

Pour Point

-40° C / -40° F

Boiling Point

361° C / 682° C

Total Acid No.

0.01 mg KOH/g

Co efficient of Thermal Expansion

0.00096/° C


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