Hi-Tech Therm S3

Hi-Tech Therm S3

With the experience of 18 years, Team Generation four engitech ltd. is one of the well-known names in the field of thermic fluids. Including export and Indian market we are serving to more than 5000 client, directly and with the help of dealer network. Hi-Tech Therm S3 is manufactured out of purest Synthetic base oil having nearly nil sulphur contain. Due to its special additive package it has very high efficient running life with low top up and low operating cost.

APPLICATION: -Hi-Tech Therm S3 can be used in all types of heat transfer systems for indirect heating. This oil work well in rapid heating and flexible heat transfer in industries like textile, chemical, plywood, food and many more.With the proper flow rate we can use this oil up to 326°C in close loop system. Proper plant and machinery design with standard operating condition this oil can give 10 to 20 years of working life.
Hi-Tech Therm S3 is compatible with other mineral or synthetic base thermic fluids. The product can be used for topping up however lab confirmation is recommended for more safety.

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Water White Liquid

Max. Bulk Temperature


Kinematic Viscosity @40°C

<27mm2/s (cST)

Kinematic Viscosity @100°C

<4.2mm2/s (cST)

Flash Point


Pour Point


Moisture Content

<100 ppm

Total Acid No.

<0.01 MgKOH/g

Boiling Point


Max. Film Temperature


Autognation Point


Density @ 29.5°C

<.86 g/ml

Copper Strip Corrosion



Odor Less


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