Hi-Tech Hydrotel 32 / 46 / 68

The HITECH HYDROTEL Series is constructed from selected base oils and a proprietary
additive system to provide well-balanced performance in a range of applications. The
products exhibit exceptional oxidation and thermal stability allowing long oil life and
minimized deposit formation in severe hydraulic systems using high pressure, high
output pumps. The innovative ultra keep clean performance protects critical hydraulic
system components from malfunction, such as tight tolerance servo and proportional
valves found in many modern hydraulic systems. The shear stable, high viscosity index
allows for a wide operating temperature range maintaining maximum hydraulic
efficiency and component protection at both low and high temperatures. Outstanding
air release properties provide an added measure of protection in systems with low
residence time helping to prevent cavitation damage and micro dieseling. The zinc-free
the anti-wear system provides a high degree of protection in gear, vane and piston pumps
while also minimizing deposit formation.


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Product Description

Features and Benefits
The HITECH HYDROTEL Series hydraulic oils provide outstanding hydraulic system efficiency; ultra keep clean performance and a high degree of fluid durability. The hydraulic efficiency feature can lead to reduced energy consumption for both industrial and mobile equipment, reducing operating costs and improving productivity. Their excellent oxidation and thermal stability allow extension of oil and filter change intervals while helping to ensure clean systems. Their high level of anti-wear properties and excellent film strength characteristics result in a high degree of equipment protection that not only results in fewer.


1. Industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems operating at high pressures and
temperatures in critical applications.
2. Hydraulic systems subject to deposit build-up such as sophisticated Computer
Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines, particularly where close clearance servo-valves
are used.
3. Systems where cold start-up and high operating temperatures are typical.
4. Systems requiring a high degree of load-carrying capability and anti-wear protection.
5. Machines employing a wide range of components using various metallurgy.
6. Rotary screw compressors in natural gas service.


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