Product Profile

We are a leading organization in the field of Thermic fluid and Heat Transfer system expertise for the last seven years. During this span more than 3000 customers have partronized our Silicon Green 100% Synthetic Thermic Fluid in India and Abroad. Now our R & D wing has developed and established Hitech Therm Food 57 which is specially formulated for the industries whose end products are orally consumed like Edible oil, Salt, Solvent, Extraction Plants, Dairy Product, Namkeen, Sweets, Dehydration, Dal Mills, Seed Dryers, Food Processing, Bakery Products, Pharma, Spices, Herbs, Restaurants, Distillery and many more. 

Hitech Therm Food 57 is designed with Cutting edge Technology with blocked carbon molecular chains which makes it more stable and superior than any other Food Grade brand available in India.




  • Sulphur Free Hydrocarbon Chain
  • Comparatively Less  Carbon Residues.
  • High Thermal & Oxidation  Stability.
  • More Stable Flash Point.
  • Very Safe In Incidental Food Contact.
  • Super Performance In Long Life.





Physical Properties

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40° C

(ASTM D445)

27 cSt.

Flash Point          

(ASTM D-92)

220° C / 448° F

Max Bulk Temperature

320° C / 608° F.

Pour Point

(ASTM D-97)

-15° C / 5° F

Boiling Point @ 1013 mbar

(ASTM D-1160)

355° C / 671° F.

Maximum Film Temperature

345° C / 653° F.

Density @ 25° C

ISO 12185


Auto Ignition Point

(ASTM D-1160)

380° C / 716° F.


Colorless Transparent 99.9 % Clear

Food Grade


Registered No 151652 (HT 1)

Incidental Food Contact 


Toxicity Status

Hitech Therm Food 57 will not only reduce the toxicity of your current running thermic fluid it will also increase the overall performance and life of your thermic fluid. We are fully integrated in production of Hitech Therm Food 57. Controlling quality at every step of the manufacturing process. Purity is preserved by dedicated pipes and tank. Careful labeling procedures, stringent handling and shipping of the product to guarantee quality.

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