Product Profile :

Hitech Therm 66 (hydrogenated terphenyls), the World's mostly used stable, ultra-high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid, which is utilized in polymerization, polycondensation, polyester, nylon and Synthetic fiber processing. In these Industries, the use of Hitech Fluid is 70% globally. It's ultimate molecular structure having ultra long life can ensure effective production, reduce breakdowns, decrease maintenance time and lower operating costs. Its renewable property satisfies the sustainable development policy of the company.

The Ultra-high-temperature Hitech Therm 66 heat transfer fluid that is popular among client because of minimum formation of low boilers under controlled working  condition thus  it is characterized by ultra long life. renewable material and lower operating cost, which can meet your requirement for sustainable development.

Performance :

  • Hitech therm 66 is thermally stable up to 345o C and film temperature upto 385o C with nitrogen blanketing.
  • Very Long Life
  • Fouling & Chocking Resistant
  • Protection from Low Boilers & High Boilers


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