Product Profile :
Hi- Tech Quench G22 is a synthetic cold Quenching Oil that provides fast and uniform quenching.  Hi- Tech Quench G22 is a high performance synthetic quench Oil fortified with performance chemicals for its long lasting life.                                                        



  • Based on synthetic Oil which provides superior mechanical and chemical properties, Decreased evaporative losses and resistance to oxidation.
  • High and uniform rate of cooling during initial stage improves  deeper and more uniform hardness
  • Low and suitable viscosity at operating temperature provide proper fast quenching and reduces the carry over losses
  • Low volatility at operating  condition of the both reduces  evaporative losses.
  • High thermal stability controls the sludge formation
  • High Flash and fire point reduce the fire hazard.                                                

Physical Properties


Mixture of Synthetic Hydrocarbon 100 %


Green Liquid

Kinematic Viscocity @ 40 C

22 CST

Flash Point

(ASTM D-92)

205° C

401° F

Specific Gravity


(ASTM-D 1298)

Pour Point

-35° C

-31° F

Boiling Point

351° C

664° F

Typical Cooling Rate

97(c/s)at 607 (c)


Moisture Content

<90 ppm


SAP Value

.50 mg Koh/g Nil


Hi- Tech Quench G22 Application

Hi-Tech Quench G22 can be used in open quench tanks as well as sealed quench furnaces. Hi-Tech Quench G22 is primarily designed  in view of commercial heat treaters, Automobile  and accessories manufacturing, Forging Industries, Bearing Manufactures etc. It is normally used for the quenching of low alloy as well as high alloy steels.


We recommend the use of Hi-Tech Quench G22 with other Mineral and synthetic oil but for enhanced performance, we also advise you to contact the team of technicians at Hi-Tech Solutions.

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