Product Profile :

Hitech HT 650 F is a 100% synthetic base oil which is used to protect against chain damages.   It is used in applications where friction level may destroy the system. Generation Four Engitech Ltd offers a cost effective Synthetic High Temperature chain oil, Hitech HT 650 F, This 4th generation fluid is manufactured in technical collaboration with world renowned Source Explorer Ltd, Hongkong. Distinct features of Hitech HT 650 F (eco-friendly, non-hazardous) give it a long and low maintenance life resulting. Hitech HT 650 F provide the protection against chain damages, in all over system Hitech HT 650 F work as friendly environment and maintain the low ampere load which reduce electric cost of your systems.  


Performance :                                                                                         

  • Providing wide range of operation 200 C to 300 C.
  • Long Life of system.
  • None Fouling.
  • Superb Low Ampere Load
  • Excellent Lubricity.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Lubricity and Film Strength



Physical Properties


Mixture of Synthetic Esters (100%)


Bright Golden Orange

Kinematic Viscocity @ 40 C

At 40° C - 220 cst
At 100° C - 18 cst

Flash Point

(ASTM D-92)
287° C
548° F

Max Bulk Temperature

300° C
572° F

Pour Point

-10° C
14° F

Metal Compitibility (Corrosion)

Cast Iron - Pass
Bronze - Pass
Steel - Pass

Total Acid No.

0.01 mg KOH/g

Moisture Content

<90 ppm


0.96 g/ml

HT 650F Application Where a High Degree of Cleanliness is required

  • Baking Oven Chains
  • Tenter Frame Chains
  • Paint and Ceramic Curing Ovens
  • Drying Oven Chains
  • Kiln Chains
  • Drying & Finishing Chains
  • Heat Treatment Chains
  • High Temp. Tunnel Chains
  • Chains for Fiber Optic Cable
  • Lithographic Ovens
  • Stenter Machine Chain
  • Plywood Drying Oven
  • Glass Forming Equipment


How It Works

Friction means "resistance to relative motion between two bodies in contact" Our technologies mechanism of operation is based upon advance method of tribology that improves lubricity and load carrying capacity. this in turn, improves surface characteristics whiles simultaneously creating a stable chemical advantage boundary film on the contacting metal surfaces of equipment of which it is added the process of advance boundary films formation is achieved through a unique combination of long chain additives that are highly stable on high temperature

                      Before                                                         After                                                                       



We recommend the use of Hi Tech 650 F with other Mineral and synthetic oil but for enhanced performance, we also advise you to contact the team of technicians at Hi-Tech Solutions.

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