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Generation Four Engitech Ltd offers a range of Thermopack System Cleaning Chemicals, Hitech Clean 205 Hitech Clean 206, in collaboration with Source Explorer Ltd, Hongkong. These are Efficient Cleaning Chemicals for Cleaning of Thermopack(Thermic Boiler) System that can provide: high efficiency incorporated with effective cost; safety to the devices; and clean environment. Thermic Fluid System Cleaning Chemical HITECH CLEAN 205 HITECH CLEAN 206. is International Cleaning Chemical available in India. Its working includes carbon dispersion technology, detergent technology & varnish emulsification technology that cleans the system 100%. We at GENERATION FOUR ENGITECH LTD have been manufacturing, very cost effective HITECH CLEAN 205 (POWDER), that has highly efficient carbon varnish dispersion agent that soften all your carbon deposits from coil, pipelines and radiators & does not react with metal. It blast carbon chips from the surface of the system and minimize the carbon strength to zero. HITECH CLEAN 206 (LIQUID) is easily soluble in water and its heavy duty carbon detergent cleans the system within a blink, Hence, carbon & varnish could be drained upto 100% resulting in carbon free system.

 The product cleans the system 100%, using varnish emulsification technology compatible with all thermic fluids, a low cost solution that makes use of carbon detergent technology and carbon dispersion. Physical Properties, Hitech Clean 205: composition – mixture of chemicals (dispersant agent); appearance – dark brown colour powder and crystal when diluted in water appearance pleasant green emulsion; solubility – 100% soluble in water; shelf life – 5 years in airtight bag, 12 hrs if diluted in water and 24 hrs in open bag. 

Distinct features of HITECH CLEAN 205 HITECH CLEAN 206 includes compatibility with all thermic fluids and easy mixture with water.

The suppliers of HITECH CLEAN 205 HITECH CLEAN 206 are backed by proactive and efficient services and provide with their engineers, guidance & technical support for flushing procedure.  


Physical Properties


Hi-Tech Clean 205

Hi-Tech Clean 206


Mixture of Chemicals (Dispersent Agent)

Mixture of Chemicals (Oil/Carbon/Detergent/Emulsifier)


Dark Brown Color Powder & Crystal

Liquid free from contamination.


100 % Soluble in water

100 % Soluble in water

Self Life

5 years in Air Tight Bag
12 hrs in diluted water.
24 hrs in open bag

10 years in Airtight bag.
48 hrs. in diluted in water.

Our Life Long Assistance Programme

The Life Long Assistance Progeamme supports our customer throughout their system's life cycle. This comprehensive program facilitates with -

  • System design recommendations
  • Start up Assistance
  • Sample Analysis
  • Flush and Refill Fluids

Quality of Cleaning Chemical

The chemical requirement and flusing time depends upon your present oil condition / parameter and your system design. For that user has to send to us their oil sample of 1Ltr. from system and consult our expert engineer.

How It Work



When To Clean The System

1. If your oil has a carbon more than 2%.
2. If your radiators are not giving proper heat due to deposition.
3. If your system is above 10-15 years old.
4. If there is heavy carbon formation due to accident in the system.

Sample Analysis

We offer testing of in-service heat transfer fluids to detect contamination, moisture, thermal degradation and other conditions that may influence system perfomance.Result of the tests are presented in a detailed reports that provides suggestions for corrective actions. Test results are stored in a database for future reference. Additional special analyses are available upon request.

 -Do not touch directly by hand, use rubber gloves; produces heat and gases.

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