Product Profile


"De-Carbon 308” is a product for additive base cleaning of Thermopack (Thermic Boiler) Systems without extra stoppage of Production ( while changing of oil ). It is an economical way to remove loose materials like carbon particles and sludge.

  • Viscosity Reducing Additives
  • Surfactants Additives
  • Dispersant Additives
  • Detergent Additives
  • Carbon Softening Additives
  • Corrosion Inhibitor & Acid Neutralizing Additives  

The product "De-Carbon 308” is of low viscosity i. e. < 2 cSt @80°C and by mixing it with existing fluid, it decreases the total viscosity of fluid to great extent. Surfactant Additive allows better flow of fluid and helps to drain maximum oil from the Thermic Fluid System. Dispersant Additives breaks the large particles into small particles. It diffuse sludge, carbon, soot, oxidation products, and other deposit precursors in system. Detergent Additives helps in complete removal of sticky sludge and helps it to pass through the small hole of the system. Certain type of non active acids reacts with carbon particles and soften them to release the area because of flow pressure in the system.

"De-Carbon 308” is made up of highly strong additives but still they are non-reactive to metal parts and seals of the system.




Physical Properties

Viscosity @ 100’c

< 0.2 cSt

Flash Point


Auto Ignition Point

> 380’C

Maximum Temperature

< 80°C

Compatibilty & Soluble

100% with Mineral & Synthetic

Thermic fluid

The magic part of the De-carbon 308 is if After draining, some part of additive remain in the system it will not decrease the flash point and also performance of the new oil .


Process to be follow


Drain the system by 10% of volume.

Add "De-Carbon 308” by 10% of Volume.

Circulate the total fluid < 80°C (for suggested time).

Cool the system upto 55°C.

Drain the complete system.

Drain the system by Air Pressure.

Fill the new oil.

Heat the system to required temperature slowly.

  • 210 Ltr Pack/Barrel
  • 35 litr

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