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Dhansukh chopra(Jain):  Mr. Dhansukh Chopra is the Director of Generation Four Engitech Ltd. He has been handling and supervising the textile processing unit from past 20 years and lubricant plant from 10 years with his directional skills. Along with, being a business tycoon, he is great social worker and has love for literature. All the plant activities like plant and equipment selection, installation and commissioning is carried under his guidance.

RP Byas:  Mr. RP Byas is the one of the most experienced director of Generation Four Engitech Ltd. He is retired Jt. General Manager of HMT Ltd, a govt. organization where he has given 35 years of service in the field of training & marketing. He has also given his service at MDS University Ajmer as MBA Lecturer and has been a board member of Global Institute of Management, Ajmer. Under his guidance, the company is continuously achieving milestones.

Prem Chopra(Jain): Mr. Prem Chopra is the technical director of Generation Four Engitech Ltd. With his valuable suggestions from time to time the company has laid numerous milestones. Previously connected with HPCL . now he is technical director at G4 ltd. he has certified with Noria USA.

BS Chouhan: Mr. BS Chouhan is General manager of generation four engitech Ltd.