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Lab Testing

Generation four Engitech Ltd. has captive testing lab which is well equipped with the latest testing equipment of thermic fluid. We understand, Thermic Fluid plays very important role in the manufacturing of the product and thus it’s very necessary to examine the oil at regular interval basis. Its’ important parameters like Kinematic Viscosity, Flash Point, Carbon Residue and suspended particles must be checked for proper functioning of the system periodically.
So as to help the customer we provide the best testing facility of the Thermic fluid in India and assure better performance of the system. The GFEL test Solutions are highly flexible and scalable so that manufacturers and service providers can use to fully evaluate commercial concern pre-production products and services. It simulates complex real-world services.
The parameters that are checked in our specialized Thermic Fluid Testing Lab are given below. Please note that we also provide the facility to check other parameters as per customers demand.

Thermic Fluid Testing

This parameter of thermic Fluid check how fast is the heat transfer in the system.

It is one of the most important parameters of the Thermic Fluid. It is the temperature at which fluid produces adequate vapor to be ignited.

A good thermic fluid must yield very less carbon residue as increase in its percentage can result in less flow rate thus decreasing the overall performance of the system.

We also provide the facility to check out the contamination through suspended particle in the system.

Guide Line

Guide Lines for the customers for sending Sample to GFEL.
Testing of the sample is very crucial part and it is very important to collect the sample very properly to be tested. Follow the given guidelines before sending us the sample.
 Send the sample in the given bottle (500ml) & fill bottle by 95%
 It is better to draw the sample through needle valve’ while the pump is running.
 Before filling the sample in bottle throw 200ml of fluid and then collect the fluid for sample testing.
 For proper recommendation fill all columns in testing form & send it with the sample.
 Send your sample for testing in the duration of every three months for proper evaluation of running oil status.

 Send your sample to below address:
Generation Four Engitech Ltd.
Hitech Solution
Mandeep Tower, Residency Road,
Opp. Sankalp Restaurant,
Jodhpur (Raj)