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What is the difference between synthetic oil mineral oil and how we can understand them?

Heat conductivity & heat transferability is the core working of any thermic fluid, any liquid which core perform this action can be used as thermic fluid. Whenever any thermic fluid manager formulating a thermic fluid, he thinks of following point:-

  • The viscosity should be lowest so, that fluid can be increase flow rate.
  • Carbon and slough formation should be lowest so that life of thermic fluid can be extended.
  • Maintain the flash point so that it can be protected from fire risk.
  • There are so many point to be considering but the above three points are highlight the realization of thermic fluid system.

Mineral oil are distillated from the crude oil while synthetic oil are made with the pure form of chemical reacted in reality basal to obtain the required parameter.

By this we can say that synthetic oil are manmade, which have the total control chemistry & manufacture as per particular requirement where as mineral oil are natural fluid and have un-control chemistry which is used as per suitable default parameter of the oil.

No doubt synthetics the attest technology of the oil and having the good performance & life compare to any mineral base oil
Synthetic s oil are very wide subject having so many alternatives & substitute So, choosing of right product is also important.
Some of the Ahmedabad or Mumbai base small companies committing themselves as synthetics oil but there are nothing but the substitute oil & in the long run way fail to perform as per international standard.